Ex Tempore 4
Ursel Schlicht
(piano, composition)

a 100-day residency in the city of Kassel, during dOCUMENTA (13) from June 9th through September 16, 2012.

Every five years, the city of Kassel transforms into a vibrant center for avant-art, during the documenta exhibition. Ex Tempore 4 - SonicExchange - is my fourth project inspired by this context. For 2012, I envision a continuous thread of sonic interchanges at Fenster zum Hof aka Fotomotel Wolf 53, a new hub for artistic interactions.

I will work daily in the on-site studio, composing and improvising on the piano, joined by guest artists and visitors.

Without a set agenda, this can mean open improvisation, a realization of a specific artistic thought, and can include trips to the exciting artistic events all throughout the city as a springboard for further inspiration. SonicExchange is different from previous Ex Tempore projects as the focus is on the process of intellectual and artistic interchanges rather than on rehearsed and composed performance. Guests will include musicians and artists from other fields, i.e. spoken word, visual arts, dance, new media. Every day I will document excerpts, which over time will condense, change, overlap and evolve.

Two weekly public performances in the studio - solo and with guests - will present ongoing work. The space opens into a lounge on one side, and on another side to a balcony overlooking a yard, set up as an informal art garden. Larger concerts will happen at
Kulturhaus Dock 4.

Previous Ex Tempore projects:

Ex Tempore 1 was a site-specific musical commentary on the history of women in Kassel, in collaboration with the Archives of the German Women's Movement, the leading research institute in the country. Ex Tempore 2 was an artistic reaction to the post-9-11 political climate in the US, uniting musicians from Afghanistan, the US, and Germany, inspired in part by the artistic vision of curator Okwui Enwezor.
Ex Tempore 3 built on those experiences with an even more global approach including Russian, Eritrean, Afghan, German and US musicians.

Ex Tempore 4 connects to all three previous projects. Fenster zum Hof, part of the former Red Light District, happens to reveal an unknown and largely unspoken part of Kassel's history: Fotomotel Wolf 53 host Pitze Eckart unconvered and documented memories of women who used to work in the building. Musicians from both Ex Tempore 2 and
Ex Tempore 3 will visit and participate in 2012. 

As part of the Kassel Stadtprogramm, SonicExchange coincides with the 100 days of


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